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Doctor Short Sale was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful for this! My house was in foreclosure with no other options available to me and I was at a total dead end. After reviewing my situation, he managed to help me negotiate with my lender who then gave me an outstanding modification to my existing loan (something that I had previously been told by the lender was not possible). I am now able to stay in my home at an affordable monthly payment. This is a truly great solution. Thank you so much to Doctor Short Sale!
Emily Berno

This letter is to commend and recommend Doctor Short Sale for his amazing knowledge when dealing with the short sale of my home. I must say not only that I am impressed by his ability but also recognize his knowledge in the matter.
I simply recommend his services to anyone who may be reading my testimonial knowing you will not be disappointed.
Xavier Bracco, PhD.

Doctor Short Sale helped me with a reduction in my payoff to my mortgage company. I was able to save $50,000. This was a very unusual event for this company. I was very thankful for this reduction. Doctor Short sale was able to find the right person and push the right buttons.
Jeff Heider

There is hardly anything pleasant that comes to mind when "short sale" becomes your best option, but Doctor Short Sale made the process so much less painful. They facilitated the tedious paperwork and documentation required, and handled all the negotiations with the bank. We were certainly blessed to learn about this service through a short seminar held at our church and believe that we got the best result possible due to the diligent effort of Doctor Short Sale.

Jon & Angie Bibler

We are grateful to you for all your help. You took care of everything in a timely manner and and got us out of a situation we could no longer afford. Thanks!

Debby Poor

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have you take care of my short sale. It's been a long haul with my lawyers extending my mortgage to a short sale decision. The help you gave me was extraordinary so many problems in which I occurred you worked through them. Thank you again Doctor Short Sale, your team is amazing.

Cindy Rowe

I was introduced to Eric by The New Day Law Group which proved to be a winning team to help me with my home short sale! Eric is tough and gets the job done fast! He makes it look easy! Thank you Eric for your professional approach and quick resolution!

Ursula A. Hoffmaster

We first met Eric Greenstein when we found ourselves looking for a condo in Florida to become snow birds. Our first purchase was for a condo that was being sold as a short-sale. We had been cautioned about purchasing a residence that was offered as a "short-sale" since it could be a long and laborious process. We were referred to Eric by a friend who highly recommended him for his expertise in the distressed housing market. We met Eric and instantly trusted and liked him. He walked us through the short-sale process, and advised us what to expect. His presentation and demeanor made us think of him as a friend rather than a Realtor. He referred us to a loan specialist that specialized in short-sales, and we signed all the documents to purchase the home. Everything he told us came true, except he was able to close the sale sooner than expected.

When we decided to relocate to Florida from California permanently, we contacted Eric to help us find a new home as well as list our condo for sale. We immediately found a new home, and through some tough negotiating, Eric was able to secure the house for the price we wanted to pay. Not only that, he was able to find a buyer for our condo at the same time. We had both houses in escrow simultaneously, and even though we were in California and he was in Florida, both escrows were handled expertly and efficiently. Eric kept us apprised of the status on a daily basis.

We highly recommend Eric "Doctor Short Sale" anytime you want to buy or sell! Nothing is too small or too large. He is our go to guy!

Rob and Kristie McMahon

We were referred to Eric Greenstein from Apple Real Estate when my wife and I were looking for a nice home in Sarasota. We were thrilled when he was able to find us a property that was a real bargain since it was available as a short sale. There were many difficult aspects of the process and he was able to get it done. He calmed us when we were in panic and I know it would not have happened without his help. Not only did the deadlines for the short sale approval come close to destroying the deal but the fact that we had to get an FHA loan really caused frustration for everyone. We got a great home and would highly recommend Eric Greenstein and all the people at Apple Real Estate.

Richard Dzyr

After a car accident, staggering medical bills, and a lost job, my wife and I were no longer in a position to afford the house we had purchased. As a result, we were referred by our attorney to Doctor Short Sale to help us. Our situation was more complex than most due to having a first and second mortgage at two different banks. In addition, the bank that held the second had rejected a deal two years prior to Doctor Short Sale getting involved. After a buyer was quickly identified, they was able to navigate the red tape at the banks and negotiate a deal that all parties agreed to and was beneficial to us. Throughout the process, the people at Doctor Short Sale were extremely professional at all times and were a calming influence during such a stressful time for my family. There were many examples of Doctor Short Sale going above and beyond the call of duty while we worked with them, and we will always appreciate what they had done for us! I'm not sure I have ever written a testimonial, but I feel very strongly about recommending Doctor Short Sale to anyone that is looking to do a short sale on their home.

Ken Alflen

After my property went into foreclosure, I was contacted by Eric Greenstein ( and decided to let him try to short sell my property. Four months later the short sale was completed and I was rid of the property. Eric was very attentive, answered all my questions, and guided me expertly through the process. I highly recommend him as a real estate agent when a short sale is the best option.

Marlin Birkey

We finally made it. Our home successfully sold as a short sale with your help. It was hard to leave our home but financially it made the most sense. We are now settled in another home and are comfortable.

My wife and I just want to thank you for the help you provided during the short sale process. You were very professional, kept us informed along the way, responded quickly to our phone calls and most important effectively dealt with a difficult bank servicer. Thank you again.

Bob & Joan Woods

Doctor Short Sale was a godsend! I felt stuck in an situation that I didn't think was possible to get out of. After meeting with him & his team, I was very impressed with the knowledge & expertise they offered regarding short sales. Although the process took longer than expected due to delays with our buyer, Doctor Short Sale was there every step of the way offering his guidance & expertise. He held my hand the whole way through. He did an excellent job of negotiating with the bank & getting them to allow for more time when we needed it. I am so thankful that I found him and I highly recommend Doctor Short Sale for any of your house buying/selling needs. My husband and I were able to finally move closer to our work which we had been wanting to do for years! Thanks Doctor Short Sale :)

Natalie Foster

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