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Emily Berno

Doctor Short Sale was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful for this! My house was in foreclosure with no other options available to me and I was at a total dead end. After reviewing my situation, he managed to help me negotiate with my lender who then gave me an outstanding modification to my existing loan (something that I had previously been told by the lender was not possible). I am now able to stay in my home at an affordable monthly payment. This is a truly great solution. Thank you so much to Doctor Short Sale!

Xavier Bracco, PhD.

This letter is to commend and recommend Doctor Short Sale for his amazing knowledge when dealing with the short sale of my home. I must say not only that I am impressed by his ability but also recognize his knowledge in the matter.

I simply recommend his services to anyone who may be reading my testimonial knowing you will not be disappointed.

Jeff Heider

Doctor Short Sale helped me with a reduction in my payoff to my mortgage company. I was able to save $50,000. This was a very unusual event for this company. I was very thankful for this reduction. Doctor Short sale was able to find the right person and push the right buttons.

Confident Businessman

Jon & Angie Bibler

There is hardly anything pleasant that comes to mind when "short sale" becomes your best option, but Doctor Short Sale made the process so much less painful. They facilitated the tedious paperwork and documentation required, and handled all the negotiations with the bank. We were certainly blessed to learn about this service through a short seminar held at our church and believe that we got the best result possible due to the diligent effort of Doctor Short Sale.

Business People in Meeting

Debby Poor

We are grateful to you for all your help. You took care of everything in a timely manner and and got us out of a situation we could no longer afford. Thanks!

Colorful Senior Woman

Marlin Birkey

After my property went into foreclosure, I was contacted by Eric Greenstein ( and decided to let him try to short sell my property. Four months later the short sale was completed and I was rid of the property. Eric was very attentive, answered all my questions, and guided me expertly through the process. I highly recommend him as a real estate agent when a short sale is the best option.

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